i can change my pass but i am having issues with the phone number on the account and also filling out the form can you please contact me because i cant access *** Email address is removed for privacy *** please its important it has my social and id scan in it along with info i need to get my job from hsn.com please help me! i really need it the phone number is 931-802-5034 and its no longer in use i changed it to my new number that number was from charter i can verify things in the account as far as attachments sent and emails from twitch about my broadcasting and other twitch people and also my resume and other personal things that are inside please help I can verify things inside the account it has my driver license and ssn in there my resume and other important things that is in there I got a message from abuse saying I could get help
Microsoft Customer Support (*** Email address is removed for privacy ***)
2:00 AM
To: james lee
From:Microsoft Customer Support (*** Email address is removed for privacy ***)
Sent:Sat 9/07/13 2:00 AM
To:james lee


After reviewing the information you provided and looking at your account details, I have determined that the Microsoft Account Public Moderators can best address your concern. They are experts in your field of inquiry and would be in a better position to address your concern.

You may post your concern through the following link:


Online Safety Team

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