I don't understand how to fix this problem.  I lost my whole contact list where i would send messages in live mail.  I can't  seem to find it back.  I was trying to compose an email to a contact and I was not able to correct spelling errors or make any changes. I then lost the message and the entire content of the message that I had spent about an hour composing.  When I tried to start over I had no contact list to address  the message to so I could compoase a message.  I seem to have lost messages that I had not openned.  Yet. when I tried to look for help and customer service or tech service to ask questions about what was happening I was fustrated by not being able to find anything.  I don't  know what happened  and I don't know how to clean up what is left or if I  need to down load or buy new software.

I am working in on an XP system and trying to find the windows 7 disk that also came with the machine but I am not having any luck with the disk or how to find what I have to do to upgrade to windows 7.  I think I need to go back to a typewriter because when this screws up I can't get it fixed.


Where do I find information on how to fix something that is wrong and happend slow long ago I don't I don't know when the problem occured.  i don't even know how I got into this box to write this message.   If  anyone answeres this I will probably never find were their  answer is and the information is and what I need to do get this part of the software working again.


As a stockholder in this corporation I do not know how our customers put up with this lack of service and support  or help when the thing breaks.  He I am several weeks after the mess up and I never could find out how to fix my software so I can communicate wtih previous contacts any more.   It is kind of come down to throw the computer away and go buy a new computer and hope I can figure out  Windows 8 so I can use the internet and email again.

I guess I need to give up trying to write code for Access applications.


ferdinand klamik *** Email address is removed for privacy *** or *** Email address is removed for privacy ***

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