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Can anyone tell me where I can find the Windows Live Mail location to reload it on my PC, without just being dropped off at an Outlook installation site, or to my Microsoft home page?  I had to Recover my PC which returned it to the state of first upgrading to Windows 10.  I was aware I would lose everything but my personal data but I had no thought that I would lose Windows Live Mail.  I have been looking for the site to reinstall for several days now, with no luck.  Some comments I've seen say that it has gone forever by the by and that I can use the Mail that arrived with Windows 10 or Outlook.  We were notified shortly after the Windows 10 installation that Edge and Mail definitely had problems and not to use them until further notice.  I've never had further notice for either, but now I do see advertisements with new PCs about Mail.  I'm afraid to use them without confirmation from Microsoft that it is now safe to use them.  I've also seen where others say you can use Hotmail or such as, which I have no desire to do.  I access my Windows Live Mail on my other PC and here and I want my Windows Live Mail back on this one.  Help?

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