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Original Title: Outlook/Livemail

I have just had an email telling me that livemail wont be supported any more by MS (well by the end of June 2016)

I will have to use Outlook, I don't really like outlook, it doesn't synch with my account, it take quite a long time to download any emails, I cant change the fonts on it or the colour of the texts

I have no idea what this office 365 is babbling on about to view emails

I wouldn't even mind paying a subscription for my livemail just too keep it (it has worked really well since I have had it and my Hotmail account, so long I cant remember, its been good for work, pleasure, just keeping in touch with any and everyone)

I don't think I am alone in missing livemail (my view is, if it aint broken, why fix it)

Well my question is, How do I use this new email outlook ?

I have a laptop with Win 7 on it and a desktop with Win 10 on it

I only use the laptop when I travel, the desktop I use al the time

Will I have to go online to view emails on the laptop ?

(I usually open up live mail when I have the internet, download the emails, reply and they go into the outbox and go when I can get online again

(I go to places where the internet isn't live 24/7)

With the desktop, it wont be such a problem, its connected to the internet 24/7

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