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I set up my email in edge browser with Yahoo several months ago.  All was OK in the early going.  Probably about six weeks ago, when in my email letters such as from Twitter or a Department store advertising - I click on the blue letter s to open up ads or twitter views and than when I close these back to the original letters - my screen freezes and there is no way out other than to go to control+alt+del and do a restart - it happens all the time.   Then, about a week ago I had tech support to do all the standby updates from Windows and Hewett Packard and the assistant thought this might help.  It did not,  But a second big problem came of the updates and that is that my email envelope icon will not even open the app]\]ccount to my letters.  The envelope fills the entire screen as it should, but then the spiral does not even show up,  I try over and over again.  This can go on for ten minutes and then finally it opens.  This is every day.  Problem number three is that I get notifications that Windows Defender needs an update.  this began yesterday and I do not use Windows Defender -  I  have Webroot.  It is all getting worse.

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