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Split from this thread.


So for the past few hours, I have been trying desperatly to get Movie maker back. I uninstalled it cause i wanted to update it and so fourth. But I tried everything that was said or reccomended and nothing worked. But with what Mihai has said, I have the same problem, with the working error and the source. 

But when i tried to download Wlarp, I got it but when it opened it said

"There is a problem with one or more of your Windows Live programs. To fix it, try uninstalling all of your windows Live programs and then install them agian from explore.live.com.

Would you like to uninstall now?"  And gave the answer of yes or no.

Im not sure if this is supposed to pop up, but im guessing not. I really tried to uninstall everything from what people said to do, and ive done it. And im kind of mad that nothings worked, so if you could help me that would be wonderful.

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