I was suddenly locked out of my account one day. The message I received was that the server had changed my password. The contact details on my profile were not updated by me when I left the last company I worked at. As I could not have a link sent to those contact details,I was locked out of my account.

Please can you help me. I have sent numerous requests to get my password sent to me.

I have completed various verification/reset forms .

I now get a mail to say that the information that I submitted was insufficient to verify my details and that I need to create a new account.

I cannot understand this as I received a mails a few days ago verifying my details. The link though had expired

I have numerous reference numbers

I have tried to even get this issue resolved by going to the "live chat", but with no success. I have 5 years worth of mails that I am potentially going to lose access to

I urgently require my e-mails as this is becoming critical.

Is there anyone else out there that can help me.

I am so frustrated and disappointed


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