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So about 12 years ago i made this microsoft account for mincraft. The e-mail i used was my first ever E-mail adress. Lets go to the present, today. I haven't used that first email adress in YEARS. i dont have the phone number for the security message and i dont freaking know what the hell my awnsers were for the security questions that i made when i was NINE. 

Now because of the quarentine i decided to buy minecraft with some friends. I used my personal E-mail adress for this (which is not a microsoft e-mail adress) and purchased the game. So i get the confirmation of my purchase. there is a button that says: "You are now the owner, click to install / play". So I press the damn button but it says: "you gotta do this from the microsoft store on your pc". So I open the microsoft store which uses my 12 year old email adress that, as you know, i dont know anything about. I try to add my new microsoft account ( the one where i bought the game on ). This account exists because I made it on skype and used my phone # and i got a confirmation that it exists. BUT THEN MICROSOFT SAYS IT DOESNT F*CKING EXIST. SO I TRY TO CHANGE MY EMAIL ON MY PC TO MY PERSONAL ONE. BUT GUESS WHAT? IT ASKS ME TO LOGIN WITH MY 12 YEAR OLD EMAIL ADRESS FROM WHICH I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT! thats crazy. Does anyone know what the hell im supossed to do now. These have been the most stresfull 2 hours of my goddamn life. fix your security system microsoft. You can delete my old emailadress I dont care. 

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