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Original Title: Cannot recover my WindowsLive email, because it says: "We don't recognize this one.".


I recently came across a huge issue. I have a WindowsLive account that I used to use for all profiles that I used to create online on various websites. I am currently trying to delete some of those profiles, but I don't remember most of the passwords. And I cannot retrieve or change them, since everything goes to that email. I downloaded Windows Essentials so I can login to my account and when I try to recover it, it says: "Try entering your Microsoft account again. We don't recognize this one." I am 100% sure that account is correct, just that I have not been using it for a while. It would be great if someone could help me out here. Thanks!

P.S. I tried sending an email to that account and I got the Delivery Status Notification saying that delivery has failed. Is it possible that Microsoft deleted my account? If so, is it possible to somehow get to the bottom of this and retrieve the account? 

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