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The good gesture to dry skin, use oil with both hands by making light circular movements. Begin by starting the chin and Derma Vibrance move to the outside of the eyelids. Then drive through the forehead, around the mouth, nose, eyes and time. Finish by smoothing the bottom to the top of the entire face, then from top to bottom for the eyes and finally the center to the outside of the face. Rinse with clean water.


Step Cleaning


To eliminate fat left by the oil, it is necessary then uses soap donkey milk, Aleppo, superfatted.or a facial cleanser gentle to cleanse the skin and make clean as possible. The goal here is to remove the last traces of dirt without irritating the skin.


The good gesture wet face apply the cleaner by performing the same movements Derma Vibrance as for the stage of oil removal, then rinse with clear water. No need to rub the skin too, your actions must be delicate.



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