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I need direction in copying my WLM 2012 Contacts list (from an unbootable C-drive that ran on Windows 10 Pro with intact data now functioning well in a SATA III HDD Enclosure) into my newly installed WLM 2012 program in the new C-drive.The new OS is also Windows 10 Pro. I successfully moved all the email messages.However,I have found in the old C drive these files : W4CR1,15.5 and 15.4 in the “default” folder stored under “Windows Live” but I have NOT been able to Import them via (unsigned-in) Contacts from the WLM Home page after depositing them in the new C-drive’s equivalent hidden place in “Windows Live.” When I sign in,Microsoft tells me I have "no contacts" on the same email address.(I never installed Outlook on either drive.) I have given myself Administrator privileges that allowed (at least) for successful transfer of ALL the email messages.What am I missing?? Thank you in advance!

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