23. April 2019 · Write a comment · Categories: Uncategorized

The W.L.M. client works fine, but I want to fix the storage folders before I change their location.

1. The bulk of my stored email is in a folder tree sub-branch of 'Recovered Items' - but my WLM Client has no such folder as 'Recovered Items'.

2. A top folder in my WLM Client is called 'ByName', but in the storage, 'ByName' folder has only a small number of (empty) folders, which get recreated if I delete them, and which get populated if I move emails into them in the Client.

3. 'Received' folder in storage is empty, but in my WLM Client it is well populated.

4. Outbox and Storage Folders have acquired '(1)' after them - which keeps returning if I delete it.


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