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Why is this so hard.  Why isn't it or why can't it be as simple as copying the mail folder from one computer to the other computer, or is it.

Yes, I am still using Windows Live Mail 2012, POP3 protocol -- and yes, I am phasing out of it, but not there yet -- so I need a little more time to wrap things up.  I had a total hard drive loss last week, now have a new laptop and need to get my old email loaded into my new computer.

OK, that's the background, but the important thing is that the Export and Import process won't work because the old computer hard drive is gone.  I have everything (I think, I hope) backed up on Carbonite - and again hope (and believe) that the IE 11 mail folder is there.

So can someone tell me the steps to take to find the email folder (with lots of mail folders) and then move the folder from my backup to my new computer -- and of course, I would like to move my contacts list also.


ron in round rock

* Moved from IE11/Win10

* Original title: How to move an IE mail folder from one computer to another?

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