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I had to reset my Windows 10 yesterday and in doing so, I lost my Windows Live mail. I now found I'm stuck with Windows Mail and I'm struggling to import my contacts from WLM to it. 

It seems that the MS software engineers - given the choice between making things intuitive in everyday English - and presenting functions wrapped in obscure in-house jargon, masked by some meaningless icons - have chosen the more obscure route. 

I've been using MS products since Windows 3.1 and this is by far the most user hostile software I've been forced to use.

This is simply not good enough. Don't you ever test Beta versions of your software using ordinary users before sending it out? I've wasted so much time trying to reconfigure my system following yesterday's reset. 

I have several email accounts - one of which is an Orange a/c. I can't see how to import my contact list from my Orange a/c on WLM to Windows Mail. It shouldn't be this complicated.

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