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I have been working on a project for several weeks and have run into these errors several times. How frustrating it is to think you have made it to the end of a 90 minute video only to get these errors close to the end. After much trial and error (no pun intended, ha ha) I have deduced these errors only seem to appear when I am trying to save a movie over 55 minutes. When this happens there are "phantom"  exclamation points that appear on many of the photos, but when trying to "fix" the photo it only allows you to remove it. If you leave it, the phantom marks are no longer there, implying to me that there is nothing really to be fixed. How I have proved these errors have to do with length of the movie? I will share. After getting these errors and needing to  resolve issues with unusable or corrupted files, I set up a system that starts with assigning photos into segment folders. In my case, for this project I have 15 segments of my movie and photos are in the appropriate folders. I start my movie with adding segments 1-3 in the appropriate order into my project and then save the project, then save the movie. If all is good, I add segments 4 and 5 to the saved project (that bore no errors) save the project with a new file name, and then save the new movie with the name of Seg 1-5.  I continue this system until I get the dreaded error message.  In my case, when I got to my movie with segments 1-12 (which was right about 55 minutes long) I got the dreaded error. So I removed segment 12 from my movie and saved the project up to segment 11, and then save the movie. It saved with no corruptions. So as to give it just one more chance, I re-added the segment 12 and tried to save the movie again, but it was a no go. So I start a new movie file that contained only the segments 12-15 and, voila!!! No errors or corruptions. I'm sorry to say this process took quite a bit of time to figure out. And it appears there really is no problem with the movie maker, just the fact that it obviously has  limitations that MS doesn't want us to know about. Not sure why, though. It shouldn't be a big secret with hidden or hard to find out answers about what the error codes REALLY mean. I really like the simplicity of the MM program and am kind of disappointed it does not have the option to save my movie in NTSC format. I guess I am out-growing MM, and will need to seek an alternate program. Any comments or knowledge to share on how you "fix" your errors is welcome :) jan

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