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This is screwed up, people apple doesn't allow you to simply export contact info into a vcard or csv file to upload into another application.

After playing around for hours, I found the solution:

1. open people and select a contact

2. in the contact details click share

3. some applications you can share with will appear. below you'll find 'applications'

4. click on applications and select app 'contact 7'

5. download contact 7 from MS store (costs around a buck)

6. install and run contact 7

7. say yes to message 'access my contacts'

8. once all contacts are in contact 7, choose share option and select all

9. within share go for option people I share with

10. choose an email address you can access

11. choose which email to send from and send

12. in your inbox you will receive a file contacts vcard

13. save this file

14. upload this into whatever system you like (f.ex. gmail)

In my case I wanted to get everything into icloud contacts. The funniest thing: the first vcard file I was able to import from settings import within icloud. the second icloud would not load the file. Solution: I imported file into gmail, exported and then imported into icloud. All worked fine.

What a hassle for a simple task!!!! But now I have all my contacts in gmail and icloud. I needed to do this because I am changing jobs and lots of my contacts  where in my professional exchange account within W10 which will be turned down. 

I wrote this because I would love to save some people time and hassle with similar issue. In the process I got so angry at MS that I was about to trash my PC!!! And researching the subject on the net and reading the official MS replies to many questions I simply got sick at how incompetently or carelessly they treated users questions.

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