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Dear Ladies and Dear Gentlemen

Even though I am still delighted by Windows 7, because of the end of its support period I am very soon migrating from Windows 7 to Windows 10 (and at the same, I also migrate to a new Desktop PC).

I will therefore need to download and install Windowrs Live Mail on my new Desktop PC.  I found descriptions on how to copy (i.e. via combination of Export and Import) my >47'000 emails, of my email Account definition and of my contacts in order to have and use them on my new Desktop PC. 

But I did not find similar definitions about the

  - my list of Spam email-ids and Spam Email-Accounts

  - the Dictionaries used by Windows live mail for its Spell-Check

Could you please point me to a description on how to Export/Import (or on how to copy) the "Spam list" and my Dictionaries from my old PC to my new PC?  And could you please also describe mer in which Folder/File this Spam-List and Dictionaries are located.

Thank You very much in advance for your assistance

Robert Eckerlin

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