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I bought my father a new laptop because his old laptop kept dying on him. In his old laptop, he was able to just click a button which automatically enhance an image, the new laptop doesn't have this feature that is why he rarely uses the new laptop and continues to use the old one.

I searched the internet for answers but the only answer I got was to go to the settings and under the "Viewing and editing" tab, turn the option for automatic enhance on. The problem is that there is no option in the settings to turn it off.

Below is an image with the aforementioned settings.

Below is a screenshot from https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/74203-turn-off-auto-enhance-photos-app-windows-10-a.html on how to turn on the auto enhance feature in the Photos app.

As one can see, the option for auto enhance is missing. Is there other ways around this?

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