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Yes, I am still using WLM 2012 for reasons I won't bother getting in to.

My question is that occasionally I get an email that when I use the mouse wheel to vertically scroll down the email. I end up zooming the email image in the WLM Reading Pane. Wouldn't be so bad except apparently the Zoom level is also affected in my other emails and I often don't remember what/where it was when I started.

And yes, I have found out that if I hold down the CTRL-key and rotate the mouse wheel, the image in the Reading Pane can be zoomed in or out - but this is happening without me holding down the CTRL-key.

My question is:

1) I can find now way to reset the Zoom level back to a normal default level, back to the way it was before I messed the zoom level up -- how do I do that.

2) Is there even a normal or default Zoom level (like the Normal, 100% value on IE11) on WLM or do I just have to keep adjusting it all the time.

Driving me crazy.

ron in round rock

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