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This question is really about "Photos" which comes up on my Windows 10 PC, not "photo gallery".

I have a jpg image. I simply want it a certain size, like 4x6" or 3x5" or 5x7".

The "resize image", 'Custom dimension' dialog comes up with numbers like 3264x2448.

I also loaded the image into Paint and if offers "percentage" or "pixels" as units.  Not inches.

Is there no way to give the size in inches without some grand conversion?  I would think this would be totally simple and a common need. I'm quite amazed that this simple request actually requires "research".  And i post this question as the "research" has so far not lead me to find a simple, do it in 5 seconds, answer.  5 seconds is about how long i would estimate it should take to resize a photo to a desired size. Find the right dialog...enter the size...done... is what this should take.

If "Photos" will not do this, can anybody suggest another app, Microsoft or 3rd  party, that does this in a simple, straightforward manner?

Thank you.

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