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I have spent two days trying to work round various issues arising from transferring my e-maila to my new W10 computer from my old W7 computer. All I wanted to do was copy everything from my WLM programme onto a suitable prog on the new machine. I tried various different ways to do this. Everything I tried resulted in some sort of error problem, inc MAPI problems, Outlook wouldn't work, Windows Mail won't import anything, and numerous other issues. One thing I tried that looked promising was I paid for a prog to convert the WLM files into .pct files to enable import to Outlook. That seemed to work a treat but when I looked at it all on Outlook there were only about 5% of the e-mails there should've been. Their helpdesk were no use at all. Back to the drawing board.

Finally I found a download file for WLM that would actually download onto the new W10 machine and work without crashing 5 seconds from starting up. I have managed to save (export) my e-mails and crucially folders onto a USB stick and copied them onto the W10 machine. I have successfully imported them into the now working WLM prog. The problem is that they're in a storage folder and I want to move these sub-folders into the "new" inbox area so I have access to all my e-mails where I would normally expect to find them. How do I do this?

Also the W10 WLM prog is now downloading thousands of e-mails from the server. Do I wait til it's finished and then delete them all as I still have all of them from earlier today in the storage folder area? Thanks in advance for any help.

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