I joined a number of Windows Live Groups several years ago (this is different from the Contact Groups you can set up now in Outlook.com - they were also called Messenger Groups).  The shared calendars for those groups are still associated with my outlook.com account and they show up in my Outlook desktop on my PC...but I don't want them too.  I'd like to leave those groups or delete them to unclutter Outlook.  However, now that the Groups service has been disabled the Support content that explains how to leave a group no longer seems relevant.  Pages like this one: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-live/groups-what point me to the Groups page online and say to View Groups and then leave one from there.  But the Groups page  (located within the OneDrive service) is now just a single messaging saying that you can't modify your Groups and it doesn't offer any option to leave an old group.  Dead end.

How do I leave an old group so I'm not longer seeing the shared calendars for it in Outlook?


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