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I know this is tough for Windows to do, It's only been a part of Apple computers for about 20 years now. How do I edit movies on my computer? Windows Movie Maker doesn't exist anymore and the bs remix story stuff (that doesn't even do what movie maker did apparently) isn't available for download. Seriously Windows? Seriously?

I took videos on Christmas morning and I want to splice them together to give to my family before they leave town, but apparently that's too hard for Windows to do, it is cutting edge technology from 2005 after all! So yeah, how do I edit a video without paying 100$ for software that used to be free and is still free on competitors systems? And if you are one of the people that makes decisions for Microsoft and you are reading this then please talk to other human beings so you know how people use computers, because you don't seem to understand the very basics, oh, and screw you for making my Christmas more stressful. 

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