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COMPUTER CHALLENGED SENIOR HERE!  I bought my All-in-One PC in 2016 with Windows 10; never did anything other than select a Chrome browser and started using.  At first I was getting Window Updates but somewhere along the way, started having problems.  Now I don't get Updates, having issues with 'alleged' viruses, security issues, etc.  My daughter says I should do reset to mfg settings and start over.  Tried to do recovery to a PREVIOUS date but didn't work.  NOW I am having issues with logging on, FB, downloading, etc.  I have a security package [Norton], I had a Driver package which I paid for the first year, but everyone tells me if I have Windows 10, and it's installed correctly, I don't need to buy all these extras.  I want to START OVER - make sure my pc is running Windows 10 and protected....I am willing to go back to manufacturer's settings as I have saved all my pics and documents to disks.  PLEASE - I NEED HELP!   

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