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Recently, my emails have not shown up in my inbox or in my junk mail. 

For example, someone would be replying to my email and it would not be detected. I will have to search for it (after finding out through other people that they have sent me something) and find it filed under Trash - unread. But I am still unable to move it to my Inbox in my "search" view. After I go into my Trash - I cannot manually search for the missing email. It's simply not there. 

I access my email accounts several times a day and look through junk mail each time as well. 

I have had several people reply to my different emails - only to find that hotmail has automatically moved them into Trash or misplaced them.  These people are in my email list as well - and they are replying to my original emails. I have no idea why I am not receiving them in my inbox. 

I cannot not keep searching for emails that I do not know about. This is so frustrating. I keep thinking that they are not replying and only finding out later that they have emailed me several days ago. 

I'm seriously considering moving to another email account like Gmail as I'm tired of losing emails. 

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