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I recently had to update my Windows Live Mail due to AOL purchasing Verizon.  That is all fine.  But I also have a Hotmail email which I had to open years ago for Microsoft.  My Hotmail email is not working in Windows Live Mail.  I tried to redo the setti ngs with no luck so I disabled the Hotmail account figuring that I could then re-install it.  It would not do an automatic install and I can’t get the settings anywhere for the ingoing or outgoing servers.  If I go to Hotmail, it takes me to Outlook!  I tried to change my login email for Microsoft and just get rid of it but all it lets me do is change the sign-in email.  I really don’t want to open another email server and have another email but it looks like that may be my only choice.  It took days to get everything sorted with my Verizon accounts.  Will it be easier to get them moved into Outlook?  That was originally a migration but I fear now I will have to do an export and AOL already lost many files doing that in my Windows Live account.  Too many hours!  Or does anyone have any useful advice.  Microsoft no longer supports Windows Live Mail.  Help!  Please!

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