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Windows 7 Ultimate and WLM 2012 

account: gmail

IMAP connection

outgoing mail (smtp) port: 465

incoming mail (IMAP) port: 993

Occasionally there is a pop up screen:

Clicking OK after few attempts clear that pop up.

That pop up can happen at any moment: opening the new message, delete it one or just when switching email folders.

That is obviously a communication problem between WLM and gmail server.

The above screenshot was taken after new WLM installation, and during email synchronization the pop up happened after every few hundred messages downloaded.

I have tried (to no avail):


Reinstalling WLM


Deleting and adding the account


Changing the password to more complicated one

and confirmed that:


in gmail server settings the toggle is set to allow less secure apps


PC clock is set to correct time

I have broadband connection, and that is not one day event. It happens every time when using WLM over last 6 months (since Windows get installed).

I have another PC, same Windows and WLM with the different gmail account and there is not problem at all.

Your thoughts, please




I am not sure if there is any connection with the above problem, but  the new WLM installation always ends (I have tried 4 times new WLM installation) with the following error:


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