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For years I have used Outlook.com to sync my calendar with Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2007 on my PCs and laptops. Recently, however, Outlook.com went through a migration/upgrade (without letting me know this) and the new Outlook.com is no longer receiving e-mails (I had set up three accounts) neither is it syncing with my Outlook 2010/2007 calendars.

After much searching for what was going on, I ended up in Outlook.com settings and corrected the settings for each of my three e-mail accounts. Everything seemed to go well . . . except that, 10 hours later, all three email accounts are still stuck in "updating in progress." So we are at a stalemate: no new e-mails received, no calendar syncing. The accounts all remain frozen in an updating mode.

Any thoughts about what is going wrong? I double-checked all of my settings and they are correct (POP, incoming and outgoing servers, etc.). I turned on POP options.

Please help!


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