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I received an email today saying that i can no longer use Windows Live Mail 2012 for hotmail accounts after June 30th and i need to upgrade to the Mail app on my Windows 10 machine.

I am having a few teething problems - was wondering if anyone could help.

- In Windows Live Mail 2012 there is a Quick Views folder so that i can see all the mail from all accounts - how do i do this in the Mail app?

- In Windows Live Mail 2012 I can double-click to send/receive mail for all my accounts and I get a pop-up box showing me the progress of all of my accounts. The process completes in a few seconds and my mail is up to date. How do i do this in the Mail app? All I can find is a refresh button on an individual account which makes some weird dots move about with no information about what is happening and some mail may arrive after a random amount of minutes?

thanks ....

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