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I am overwhelmed with (all) the comments and recommendations to fix problems re Windows Live Mail, printing off info-reams of it - and really need/want to be more specific to my own issue.  In June, not sure how, I downloaded Windows 10.  I've had Windows Live Mail 2012 update for quite a while now - however now am getting the Server Error 3219 OX8DE00005.  I've read everything, but I'm not a computer techy person at all.  I need a 'simple fix' to get back to Windows Live Mail 2012 without losing years of folders and messages that I want to keep.  Isn't there a 'patch' provided by Microsoft.  Also I get get a pop up asking me to change to Windows Essential -driving me crazy ..I love my Windows Live Mail .. please help me.  Thank you in advance.

For clarity the error tells me it's in my hotmail account unable to send/receive server http//mail.services.live.com/delta sync_V2.0.0/sync.aspx  etc etc etc.

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