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I have 7 different  email accounts with my current ISP, which is the allowed limit, and I use WLM for email in my PC.  All these accounts are configured to the same settings--on the Advanced tab they all have the same ports listed--993 & 465, and they all have the SSL boxes checked.  On all the accounts I have the setting for server timeout set at 5 minutes.  Everything is identical for all of these POP3 email accounts, and I have no problem sending and receiving email with 6 of them. 

However, I'm having problems with the 7th email address--I keep getting Error Message 0x800CCC0E, and I've been all over the internet looking for a solution, but none so far.  The error reads as follows:

"Unable to send or receive messages for the Comcast XXXXXX account. Header download for the 'Caretakers' folder did not complete. The connection to the server has failed."

"Windows Live Mail Error ID:  0x800CCC0E"

"Port 993"

"Secure(SSL):  Yes"

I have lots of folders with my other 6 email addresses, and they don't interfere with sending or receiving email.  It's just this one email address, with this one folder, which is causing this problem.

I don't know of any other incoming port, so it stays at 993.  I've changed the outgoing port from 465 to 587 with no improvement, so changed it back to 465.  I've shut off Windows Defender email scanning as recommended in this support Forum.  Nothing seems to work--I still get this incoming email problem with this particular email address, because of this particular folder.

I've been to my ISP for help, but they just tell me it's a Microsoft problem and I need to pose the problem to your Forum, which I am now doing.

Any suggestions for correcting this incoming problem with this one email address, with this one particular folder? 

My System:

HP Pavilion Sleekbook 15-b142dx

Windows 10, Creator Update

AMD A6-4455M APU

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