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My Email User Address and Password is via AT&T. This enables me to send and receive Emails via Yahoo (AT&T) and Windows Live Mail. Unfortunately, Windows Live Mail quit sending or receiving my Emails about a month ago. Yahoo continues to operate properly.

Both sources must have the same Username and Password in order for Live Mail to work.

The closest I can get to a solution with Windows Live Mail was to give me instructions to re-set my Password. I followed these instructions and was told my choice of a Password was and old one already registered. Somehow the Password in use does not "open" Windows for use.

Every time I click on Windows Live Mail to open it for sending an Email I receive a message to enter my Password. When I do so, the message just gets repeated. 

I am aware of many suggestions made by others. It may seem simple to determine where the problem lies, and maybe it is. But just hunting and picking and trying may make things worse.

I have not been able to make person to person contacts with Windows personnel. Will this continue?

Thank you for reading.

Clarence Johnson

* Original title: Emails

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