26. April 2020 · Write a comment · Categories: Uncategorized

I have my @live.com email setup through the outlook app on my iPhone 11. Often, I will receive a notification of an email on my homescreen. I can see who it’s from and a preview of the message, but when I click to open it, the email doesn’t exist in my inbox. It’s not in the focused tab or the other tab and even if I try searching for it, it’s not there. 

The main emails this seems to be an issue for are email newsletters I’ve subscribed to. But there is no way for me to ever read the email or unsubscribe to it, since I can’t ever find or open them. I’ve even tried opening my email in a browser and am still unable to search and find the specific emails that I am receiving the notifications for on my phone. 

Any thoughts on what I can try? 

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