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I am looking to consolidate email accounts I have used over the years or inherited. My current "main" email is verizon which just moved to AOL and has issues. I currently have a Live account and access it through local client - Outlook and Apple Mail.

Moving my mail system away from Verizon is going to be a real pain - all business connections, banks, some signons etc. So I want to do this once. 

The options are to stay with Live, Move to Outlook on the web, or Gmail on the web. Easiest is to stay with Live however I am concerned that Microsoft will supersede with Outlook. I do notice that my account when I sign in to Live on the web is - "https://outlook.live.com/mail/". So to boil down the questions - 

Am I already on outlook, albeit outlook.live?

Is the Live address I have likely to stay functional for the long term?

If the live.com account is to be discontinued is there an easy move to outlook?

Hope this makes sense,

Appreciate any perspective.


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