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My email turn up blocked a week ago - I could not send but could receive.  My husband uses the carrier and he email was still working. Since we had moved to another state a year ago and had been able to use our old email account I figured that was the problem.  I contacted the current provider only to learn that they could not solve the problem.  I contacted Microsoft since I run on internet explorer, and no they could not solve the problem either.  I contacted the old provider, which was where the email account was housed, and was told I should not be able to use that account anyway because we move to a new area.  I contacted my security service and they worked with me as well to no avail.

Then I got a message from a acquaintance who is on facebook and I replied to both of her post negatively.  I was not nasty, I did not use foul language, but it was negative and political as well.  I got a notice that fakebook had blocked my account because they did not like my messages.  I unfriended the person and deleted facebook and now my email is working.    

Has anyone else had this problem?  How is it even legal that fackbook can block a person's email account at all?  I can see not allowing them on their program - but this was my email not theirs.  Is that a violation of FCC regs?

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