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Hi -- New to Movie Maker, so please bare with me if this seems simplistic, but with such a large number of Animation and Visual Effects available, I can't seem to find a simple fade in and fade out.  All I want is for a scene to start with a fade in and end with a fade out.  Where is that effect?  

Secondly, how do I get an effect to happen at BOTH ends of the clip.  I can chose the effect by highlighting the clip box and also the effect box, but that seems to attach the effect only to the beginning of the clip; how do I get the same effect to happen at the end of the clip (or a different effect at the end if I wanted that?)?

Lastly, the credit crawl is very fast, to my eye, too fast to read.  Is there any way to slow it down?  The SPEED field is present when choosing video clips, but when I highlight the credit clip box, the SPEED field grays out.  Surely being able to adjust the credit crawl speed would be kind of an intuitive and essential thing that would need adjusting.  But then again, I would have thought the most necessary of all video effects would be fade in and out, ESPECIALLY since they have that for audio.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

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