I'm an IT person and I've dealt with this issue before. OFM 2011 doesn't seem to have the same backup and recover stability as the Windows pst system.

The version number I'm using is 14.6.2

Here is what I've done to date to attempt to resolve the issue of duplicate emails:

I've checked for duplicate account, rebuilt the database, removed backup databases, removed items on the original server, unchecked "leave messages on server" as well as removing messages from the server when deleted from OFM 2011.

All duplicate messages have the same message id as the original. New downloads in the SMTP protocol should always have a new and different ID.

Backing up the *.olm file and attempting to restore the file, even with the latest update of OLM doesn't work. I have never had success using the *.olm files. I've restored dozens of windows machines successfully using pst's.

I'd like to backup OLM using the *.olm protocol. remove the existing installation, shutdown, restart, reinstall clean and restore using the *.olm protocol. If I knew the olm would work I'd try that but I have no faith in the *.olm system working. It hasn't worked yet. It's not robust or reliable in my opinion.

Can anyone help me? I believe I've tried everything. I hope that I've missed something. I'd love to be proven wrong on my conclusions regarding the *.olm restore. I'd love for a database rebuild to actually do something productive.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance which will help me to resolve this issue.

Thanks, Sam

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