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So, as those very active may have seen, I have had multiple crashes of my WLM12 program.

Fortunately, though it's a massive  PITA, I can move all those files, found in the store folder, which had disappeared from where they were supposed to be, and import them.  Instead of the inbox and other category subfolders where they WERE, however, they come in as "storage folders" - which while very tedious and extremely time consumptive (my total WLM12 folder is 36GB), I do move the contents back to the (newly inserted folders, along with having to recreate all the message rules) place I can get to them without having to sort through a storage folder.

However, over time (I've just had yet another crash and burn), all these re-importations result in many duplicates of nearly all of the messages in any given folder.  Here's an example:

Is there a tool designed specifically for this?  At this time, I've had to manually scroll through and highlight each duplicate, and then  delete.  Even a tool which would do that selection and highlighting (or whatever the modus would be) of duplicates for suggested removal would make my life a great deal easier.

Just WHY I have all these crashes is an entirely different question, but I'll save that for a different post.




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