13. November 2013 · Write a comment · Categories: Uncategorized
Currently I have got quite a complex issue with Microsoft Outlook account.

1. Another account of my colleagues shows on of my old shared calendar ("fotografie" calendar). But I dont see this callendar, becauseit it is from deleted live account (one year ago)

2. Everyday I receive double times email calendar notifications. When I switchet it off. I still receive it one time per day wit no agenda.

3. I have got similar problems when I Log to computer (windows 8.1) with my Live account.  
For example, my Facebook account is connected with live account only in browser(web services). But not inside windows (native metro apps People, mail).

I always use only account. Is there a problem with one of my deleted live accounts? I also swithed to live custom domains year ago.

How to resolve this?

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