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A number of users have reported display anomalies following the April update to Windows 10. Only one user has so far posted a screenshot illustrating the phenomenon, and it's reproduced here:

Microsoft is not concerned about problems with unsupported software, so we're on our own here. With a concerted effort, we should be able to crack this, but it means we need some data to act on. I hope you'll be willing to help out.

One user has reported that rolling back his graphics driver to an older version solved the problem, so it seems that the phenomenon is a result of an unfortunate driver update. To troubleshoot the problem, then, with a view to finding a solution, would affected users please reply here with the information requested. In the post below this one, there is a data-entry table. Please click the Reply button below the table, and then select Reply with quote so that you have the table already in your post. Click in each User's data cell and enter your information. Add any supplementary information you think may be relevant and then Submit. Good luck!

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