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Hi Community Team,

I have explained the problem in Chat Reference 1466569393.

I have 6 signatures in Windows Live Mail 2011. I am trying to delete one. If I go to Options - Mail - Signatures, the list only shows one signature - the default one. I can still insert the various signatures in e-mails, but one of them is faulty and caused the program to crash and since then the list in Options - Mail - Signatures (which used to show all the different signatures) now only shows the one. How can I fix this? I have tried repairing WLM with wlarp.exe which did not work.


When I used the repair program - wlarp.exe - it finished 100% but then showed error message "no internet connection - retry"

I clicked the retry box - but nothing happened that I could see. I restarted the computer, and Windows Live Mail works fine - except for the problem with the signature list.

Is there another way for me to delete one of the signatures ?

Thanks Folks.

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