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BT accessed my WLM account today (18/05/18) while they were attempting to resolve an email issue.  The end result of their efforts was that they deleted my email account (incl all emails) and left me with a WLM account which did not initially download any emails.  I have since set up a new account (all the old settings) which seems to be functioning perfectly, albeit it contains only the emails sent to me today, not my saved ones obviously.  I also seem to have 'fixed' the new account, so that it also downloads today's emails from BT. 

I am wondering if it is possible to recover the emails BT have deleted?  
Most of my emails were saved into subfolders which I created in my Inbox.

I run on Windows 8.1

My incoming mail server was POP3.  (BT altered this when they set up the new account to IMAP; I have since set up another account on POP3, as before, which seems to function for now.)

My outgoing server is SMTP.  

Having had a look through some previous threads, I have unhidden all folders and found the WindowsLiveMail folder, however there are no obvious folders in there which look like they map to my Inbox subfolders from 17/05/18 (or another time pre-BT intrusion).  I also do not seem to have the option to right-click on the Windows Live Mail folder and pick a 'restore from' point.  

Any help is much appreciated.

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