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Dear Community Members,

I use one @HOTMAIL.COM Email in my Phone for Contacts/ Emails and same i use in Windows Live mail for Emails.

Now the problem is that i have had deleted some contacts years ago (back in 2014/2015) which is not present in Mobile nor in Online at https://outlook.live.com/owa/?path=/people but all those contacts appears in Windows Live Mail.

I have re-checked all contacts in Mobile and also online in my contact directory but none of them are there but they continue to be in Windows Live Mail.
Remember that during this span of period i have changed several laptops but whenever i install Windows Live Mail and sign in with my @HOTMAIL.COM ID so all those contacts re-appear.

Can you please guide me what could be the posibble source of these contacts despite laptops are changed and they're not showing in Online portal.

Thank You

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