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I have Windows Live 2012 (new to it within the last 6 months) and created Categories to send group emails, but often when I go to send an email to the group, several contact names are missing (not always the same ones).  For example, if I have a category with 10 email addresses, only 4 will show up, all the rest are gone from the category, although they are still in my actual contacts.  But this means that each time I go to send a group email I have to double check that all the names are there, and if not, go back and re-add the missing names to the category.  This happens several times a week, and for no apparent reason (haven't done an update, restarted, etc.)
I've seen similar problems posted on here, but none exactly the same, and no fix yet even though it seems to have been a problem for years now.  Please help!

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