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This is a repeat post because earlier one went into Windows instead of Window Essentials : 

I have hotmail account working well on earlier HP Laptop. Now I have switched to Surface Pro 4 with Window 10, I have installed Window live mail 2012 and synced the hotmail account through IMAP settings. All emails with all folders have been downloaded and being displayed in locally stored folders / WLM.

I am facing peculiar issues with contacts both on WLM 12 and Android Samsung Galaxy S5 as follows : 

  1. Out of > 4000 contacts in hotmail id (which are still being shown), only a little over 1500 are being displayed in WLM. These >1500 contacts were never there in my new SF4 and have been automatically brought from Hotmail.
  2. So I exported Hotmail people contacts to a CSV vile and tried to import them in WLM. It took > 12 hours to import but still no. of contacts are ranging between 1500 to 2000, sometimes no. of contacts in WLM increase and sometime decrease.
  3. When I save a new contact in WLM, it is shown as saved contact for a few hours and then next day, the contact is automatically deleted / disappears.
  4. When I signed out in WLM from hotmail id, not even a single contact is displayed. Earlier, I could use all contacts from hotmail into WLM even in signed-out status.
  5. When I signed out and imported contacts from CSV file, 124 contacts got imported with a speed and then the import started taking a long time but still speed of import was much higher than when signed-in. Contact imports in signed-out position is progressing at a very slow pace : almost 3 / 3.5 contracts per minutes. During last 24 hours, by now 3778 contacts have been imported from CSV File.  These contacts have only name, email id and in some cases phone no. also, there are no images, no other details, just basic email contact.
  6. I am not sure what will happen to these locally stored contacts in WLM when I sign-in again whereby contacts are auto synced with Hotmail. The background reason which was reducing no. of contacts from >4000 to nearly 1500 may affect my WLM contacts again.
  7. While import of contacts is taking place, WLM works too too slow and uses lot of memory (even mouse movement is not shown in WLM) and resources of the Surface Pro 4 (i5, 256GB, 8GB Ram). During this period, CPU usage is between 77% to 88% and I can't use the SF Pro 4 for WLM. 
  8. I am not sure what will happen if I copy contacts folder from previous laptop and paste into contacts folder of WLM, instead of import from CSV file, which is still taking long time (485 contacts imported in about 30 minutes).  

These are strange things happening with WLM 2012 when synced through IMAP settings today (i.e. after changes made by MS in w.e.f. July 2016)

Please guide me about the reasons for the above strange behaviour and what is the best thing to do to work with the previous status before IMAP Sync / June 2016 status. Can I solve the problem of speed in importing contacts from .csv file to WLM when I am not signed-in to hotmail a/c. And Should I sign-in after import of contacts from .csv file in signed-out position is complete. 

Vimal Goyal

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