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My old mac from 2012 recently gave out (it was the last version to be non SSD, or spinning hardrive. Long story short I recived the mac screen of death, and after attempting many internet reboots the hardrive was still not showing up according to Safe start reboot and the familiar sound of the drive was missing. I am pretty sure it spun itself to bits, it was working but all of a sudden the apps quit and the background was set to the default Yosemite the entire app bar went missing and nothing but a redundant mouse clicker was left over). Mourning the loss of my old computer After seeing one of my close family members with a surface book i thought that it would be a good replacement. So I took advantage of the Microsoft surface book refurbished deals and picked up a like new surface book (I made sure it was solid state drive). Fast forward a couple of weeks and I have re-downloaded most of my old software, connected most of my old accounts, and various other things (feels like moving to a new house). I am overall enjoying the experience, as far as I am concerned this is a major improvement. There is only one little thing missing. I still have an iPhone and would like to have a better connectivity experience. While I know that it might take something on apples behalf to be able to connect FaceTime or other proprietary software to windows I was hoping that the windows community might have a solution for messaging. I still get messages to my iPhone which I would like to appear on my new(ish). Something that i liked about my mac was that if someone texted me I would be notified and be able to text them back. Do you guys have any solutions?

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