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I have probleem with video codecs/ video filters  in windows movie maker . 

Main probleem is , when i previw  video in editing  mode before i publish  ,  transitions lagging bettween clips some time freezing for a while , also sound lagging in transitions and in that point in edit time line "at the  end of clip and at the beginning of the next clip " while previw . 

Info and fix tried: 

PC info: i7 7700 , gtx 1080 ,16gb ram, SSD 480 GB 

Win mov maker ver: 
The same issue on  3 ver's
which come with vista I think 6 and  wle 2011 , wle 2012 
Windows 7 64x and 10 64x 

clean install of windws 
all drivers  and directx update 

Video format: MP4 / WMV/ AVi
I did convert to clips to test other formats , most lagging in mp4 

Even i saved the file with windows move maker as WMV then edit the new file , same issue ....
Audio format mp3 also   wma ... 

installed codecs-  3rd party sw ,i noticed that lav filter runing for each spilt clip and its appear in taskbar , i mean if i  have 5 clip in movie maker  timeline , 5 lav filter runing and icon appear in notification area . 

After each try i did rest to  default setting in W.M.Maker ,disable all filters , enable all .... Same issue ....

Kindly not all this while editing prevew , after runder no issue while playing in wmp . But i cant set effects or editing professionally while lagging in each spilt clip ....

What else can i  do ?! ... 

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