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I currently use WLM 2012 but recognise that it is no longer supported by Microsoft so I am probably going to move to eMclient. 

My wife and I have separate email addresses both accessed through WLM and, between us, some 100 storage folders/subfolders. 

I want to transfer all into eMclient and they say the export/import process is very straightforward.

My reason for posting on this forum is to ask advice regarding the file structure. I have found them all in File Manager but the structure is somewhat messy.

Firstly, in addition to the 3 email addresses that are current and correct there are also 3 "identities" with 0 files and not used since 2016. Can these be safely deleted? (They may have occurred when I copied the files from my old PC to the current one.)

Secondly, in File Manager some of my folders are subfolders of "Imported folders" and some as subfolders of "Storage folders" Can I move them within File Manager to tidy up the structure - without affecting how these folders appear in WLM?

Thirdly, I have a few files (old) under "Recovered items". Can these be safely deleted?

I am guessing that what I am suggesting will be OK but I would appreciate an expert confirming, please!

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