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I am occasionally getting this in financial emails:

格浴慬杮湲猺档浥獡洭潲潳瑦挭浯砺汳砠汭獮町琯楨湳浡慰散格慥††灴攭畱癩祔数瑨汭档牡㘱㸢††瑩敬 †琯瑩敬 †瑳汹†††††楬歮笠†††††††††† †††††††††〰〰 †††††††††瑻硥敤潣慲楴湯渺湯 ††††戠摯瀠笠†††††潦瑮㩥㤠 ††††映湯敶摲湡†††††㩲㘠㘶㘶㬶††††† ††††瀠摡楤杮 †††††††††〠〠 ††††潦瑮猭杩†††††慢正牧畯渺湯†††††楷瑤 ††††映湯楳敺

This only shows up in MS Mail. In other apps the same email is fine.

Should I be worried?

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