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Hi ! I thought i followed directions properly but apparently more direction is needed . Am i forced to re-install ( yet again! ) my WLM 2012 onto my Windows 10-Build 1909? Advice would be appreciated!!

Here was the posting from January 11,2020's thread https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windowslive/forum/all/change-my-outlook-email-from-pop-to-imap/a3dab7cb-3df7-4338-9aff-e56f9097f92c   

Here's what should have happened:" 4. Click Next and Finish. The program will try to connect and download the account folders and their contents. This may take some time if there are a lot of folders and/or messages, and it may stall. Be patient."

Instead,an error tab opened that stated: " The IMAP server has issued an unrecognized greeting. "

Below are the details:

K EONPopper ready on m0116798.ppops.net

   User name:
   Protocol: IMAP
   Port: 110
   Secure(SSL): 0
   Code: 800ccc0f

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